We understand that churches and christian organisations have a vital and privileged role in the development of girls’ self-awareness, identity and ability to cope with change and difficulties. We would really like to partner with you to achieve this.

Our Purpose . . .

Teenage girls are increasingly being discontent and detached from life. In a culture that dictates how they should look, act, and live in order to be enough, many have lost their true sense of worth and identity.

Esteem Designz aims to be a solution to the ever-increasing issues and confronting pressures girls are facing, such as constant comparison, deceiving messages of perfectionism through the media, peer pressure, unrealistic expectations, and more!


Esteem Designz Program is . . .

A comprehensive and targeted resource designed to champion girls (pre-teens to young adults) to know and be confident in their TRUE identity and value in Christ, as well as see and encourage the value of others. Girls are equipped with key skills and tools to flourish in life – all through CREATIVITY and God’s Word.


How It Works . . .

Esteem Designz Program is based on fun, interactive and meaningful Design Projects and activities to resource organisations and individuals to equip and empower girls.
The Design Projects are expressive and practical tools / coping strategies that the girls can continue to use throughout life.


As the girls create, you can go really deep with them as their focus is on creating and having fun, so they do not feel pressured or confronted, allowing you to address any issues you know they are currently facing. A very safe, comfortable, deep and meaningful space is created for the girls to openly share and have enduring and memorable breakthroughs.


The girls learn from themselves and each other through the process of creating, the tools they are making, and the discussions and activities they engage in. It is experiential discovery based learning, using a strengths-based approach to help the girls learn and practice lasting skills and tools.
The Esteem Designz Bible Study helps girls know who God is, who He says they are, and who He calls them to be, helping them find their true identity, value, purpose and worth in God.
The Bible Study is designed to complement and give biblical focus to Esteem Designz Program as well as be a valuable resource for small groups and individuals to be equipped and empowered in God’s word.
These resources can be used together or separate.
Click here for more information about how to use these resources together.



What You Get . . .

Each girl receives a beautifully packaged kit; ready to go and easy to use – which means all the work is done for you, and the Facilitator’s Resource Manual is also easy to use and flexible to meet your group needs.
If you would like to include the Bible Study, helping girls find their true identity, value, worth, and purpose in God, we have the Empower Package that includes both the Girls Resource Kit and Bible Study which has been designed to be a practical, reflective journal.

Main Objectives / Benefits . . .

Esteem Designz is not simply a self-esteem program for girls, but engages them in grow-producing, practical actives, empowering them to create their own tools and understandings, helping them endure and thrive through life’s challenges.


As the girls create the 5 Design Projects/tools and engage in group discussions, they:

  • Create authenticity and confidence in who they really are
  • Celebrate differences instead of comparing
  • Discover their unique characteristics
  • Reinforce resilience
  • Develop a positive sense of self and self-management
  • Practice strategies to overcome challenges and change
  • Form positive and respectful relationships
  • Grow in social and emotional skills
  • Achieve goals that boost self-confidence and worth
  • Promote unity and leadership
  • Cultivate critical skills in choice making, communication, encouragement & problem solving
  • It is also a fantastic resource to help girls transition into new experiences and out of others
  • Helping girls respect and engage positively with themselves, those around them, and their communities
  • Deepen their relationship with God and His Word

Esteem Designz takes the work out of programing for you, so you can focus on what really matters investing in, and making lasting impacts in the lives of the girls you work with.

Esteem Designz Program provides a platform to work through different issues and pressures teen girls face, in a gentle, non-confronting, and fun environment.


Esteem Designz also provides additional resources that specifically address some of these key issues that teen girls are facing, providing practical activities and tools to help them better understand and overcome these debilitating issues. These can complement Esteem Designz Program, giving further insight and freedom. They can also be used as separate resources.


How To Use . . .

Esteem Designz Program covers 5 different carefully focused stages, each designed to stimulate, support and provide tools for life. These can be taught over a period of five to ten weeks, spread out over terms, or on camps/days. Esteem Designz Program is flexible to meet the needs of each group. The program works best if small groups can be formed with a facilitator/leader in each to guide the discussions and Design Projects.

Just some of the great ways Esteem Designz Program + Bible Study can be implemented would be within youth group, Bible studies, afternoon activities, church outreach programs, one-day events / programs, in-school programs, weekly sessions, whole-grade programs, SRE lessons, welfare programs, small groups (at-risk girls or interest based), lunch-time groups, pastoral care groups, on camps, within welfare agencies, youth centres, through mentoring programs, and for individual use (+ more).


Participating in Esteem Designz Program is a joyful, uplifting and transforming experience.
More info on Number / length of sessions.

By alternating between these resources, the girls will be equipped with biblical understanding (Bible Study) as well as practical tools (Design Projects) that they can use to apply to their life.

Options . . .

Esteem Designz can be run by your organisation, eliminating facilitation costs, and enabling your team, volunteers, and parents, to further engage and impact the girls they work with.


It can also be a wonderful resource for senior girls to develop leadership skills and invest and mentor their younger peers by getting them be empowered through the program and then helping run the program with younger groups creating a flow on effect and changing the culture of your organisation.


However, we can also organise trained facilitators to run the program for you.


Our Passion . . .

Helping girls not feel the need to hustle for their approval and acceptance, but claim their intrinsic worth and be unashamedly authentic, not molded into other’s expectations, but FREE. Free to confidently be all that God has called them to be.


Need more information? See more details or contact us today to discuss how we can help you implement these valuable resources within your church/organisation to further equip and empower your girls to flourish in life.