Esteem Designz Program is proud to acknowledge our fantastic partnerships. Together, we work to provide opportunities for teenage girls to feel valued, know their worth and be empowered in their current situations and future.


Kids Hope Aus.

KIDS HOPE AUS. is a WORLD VISION mentoring program that has been established in over 400 schools, with more than 4000 children matched with caring mentors.


KIDS HOPE operates on a partnership model – local churches partner local public primary schools. World Vision trains, resources, equips and supports Coordinators and mentors in their roles. Research shows that these special one-to-one relationships have a powerful positive impact on the children.


Esteem Designz Program provides complete and easy to use resources for KIDS HOPE mentors to impact and transform the lives under their care.


Girl’s Brigade Australia


The GIRLS’ BRIGADE AUSTRALIA a vibrant community providing activities for girls of all ages. GIRLS’ BRIGADE is a relationship building, achievement based program which has been developed especially for girls, incorporating physical, social, educational and spiritual aspects.

Esteem Designz Program works alongside GIRLS’ BRIGADE leaders providing valuable resources to empower and engage girls in their weekly programs, camps, retreats, and mentoring.


The Tops Conference Centres

THE TOPS is a leading Christian group accommodation venue where the importance of time for relationship is paramount. THE TOPS is a place where people connect, grow and discover in connection with each other and with God. Providing fun, memorable and life changing experiences, THE TOPS service school camps, conferences, church groups, events and more.
Esteem Designz Program has partnered with THE TOPS, becoming a Programs Partner to provide needed and valuable resources for school camps (empowering girls and meeting outcomes within the PDHPE curriculum), youth camps, retreats, welfare organisations and more.


CRAM – Creative Arts Ministries

CREATIVE ARTS MINISTRIES is an organisation of artists who influence the world by sharing the difference that Jesus has made in their lives. They provide community, accountability, individual discipleship and practical opportunities in which artists can directly impact their world with their unique talent, direction, and giftings.
CREATIVE ARTS MINISTRIES have a particular focus in schools where they work alongside scripture teachers, chaplains, pastors and youth leaders by providing viable ministry resources that help meet the needs students, in relevant and practical ways.


Esteem Designz Program works alongside CRAM, providing needed resources to equip and empower those working in schools and churches.

Girls 4 God Magazine

GIRLS4GOD is an Australian Christian magazine inspiring girls aged 12-16 to live their lives for Christ. Over the last seven years, each quarterly issue of GIRLS4GOD has provided a balance of spiritually focused articles and other special interest and practical pieces. Some of our well loved sections include: GIRLS4GOD Devotional, Beauty 101 and interviews with Real Girls.
Esteem Designz Program works alongside GIRLS4GOD MAGAZINE, contributing articles in each addition to help transform and empower girls through the word of God. We are very privilege to partner with G4G in their mission to build the faith of Girls across Australia.

Youth Without Borders

YOUTH WITHOUT BORDERS advocates for youth issues and facilitates the development of networks to achieve better outcomes for young people and their communities. They strive to empower youth to work together for the implementation of positive change within their communities. As one of Australia’s first youth run, youth lead organisations, YOUTH WITHOUT BORDERS works on projects young people are passionate about through partnerships and ‘project based collaboration’.
By enabling young people to implement the ideas they have through various avenues within the organisation, YOUTH WITHOUT BORDERS empower young people to understand that each and every one of them has the capacity to change the world around them. The results are amazing…
Esteem Designz is partnering with YOUTH WITHOUT BORDERS to work alongside their youth team, equipping them with training and resources to deliver programs within their communities.


Youth Vision NSW

YOUTH VISION NSW is a ministry and movement of Fresh Hope, passionate about seeing effective ministry to youth and by youth for the transformation of their community with the message of fresh hope that is found in Jesus.
Esteem Designz Program works alongside YOUTH VISION, providing valuable resources to help ministry teams equip, empower and transform the lives of girls.

Generate Ministries

GENERATE is the premier provider of School Chaplains in NSW, managing over 150 Federal Government Funded School Chaplaincies. GENERATE partners with schools in the recruitment, training, supervision and ongoing professional development of School Chaplains. This ensures the placement of high quality Chaplains who are well equipped to support young people and strengthen local communities.
Esteem Designz Program works alongside Chaplains in Schools providing needed resources to aid their welfare programs. The program is being used within Personal Development frameworks (PHPHE), whole-grade and small group programs, mentoring, lunch-time groups, helping girls transition into different stages of life, friendship groups, and alongside the White Ribbon Initiative.

Jacaranda Cottage

JACARANDA COTTAGE is a refuge for young women aged 16-20 years who are homeless or at risk. The young women come from background of family breakdown, poverty, domestic violence, abuse or neglect. JACARANDA COTTAGE provides a safe and supportive place for young women to deal with these issues and move forward into independent living.
This is done through a holistic living skills and personal development program. Their vision is to impart hope, facilitate restoration, and celebrate transformation in the lives of our clients.


Esteem Designz Program works alongside JACARANDA COTTAGE to provide and implement resources to girl’s camps, small groups and within the refuge itself.