Help us INVEST in the POTENTIAL of our girls . . .

Esteem Designz loves including others in the journey of empowering girls.
There are three main ways you could help us make lasting impacts:

Help us Fund!

Give a one-off donation or a regular donation to support the growth and development of Esteem Designz to reach and impact many more people with needed resources to further engage and enable our girls.
Your support is so valuable in empowering more girls.
If you would like to make a donation or become a sponsor, please email info@esteemdesignz.com.au for more details. Thank you.

Work With Us!

Become a private facilitator / run a group Simply buy the manual + kits for the girls (online). Then run the program in your local schools, community organisations, or at home with your daughter / niece / granddaughter / cousin, just you and her or with her friends too.
Join our Team! Esteem Designz is looking for more committed and passionate team members to help us grow our vision to create a revolution of empowered girls. If you are interested in championing our girls to know, and be content and confident in their REAL identity and value, please contact us to find out if there’s a role to suit you.
Partner / Collaborate with us we are always open to new and exciting strategic partnerships and collaborations to help expand the impact we can have and work together to further enable our girls.
Together we can do more! Contact us today.

Spread the Word!

Its free and such a powerful help! Share the resources with everyone you know. Be an advocate, follow us online, post about Esteem Designz, share what we do, tell your local organisations/schools that could use Esteem Designz, join our revolution. Share the vision, value, and need! If you would like any promotional graphics / info, please let us know.