Ruth Lewis-Jones, BDes,
Cert IV Pastoral Care

Founder, Designer, and Managing Director
“I am passionate about helping girls not feel the need to hustle for their approval and acceptance, but claim their intrinsic worth and be unashamedly authentic, not molded into other’s expectations, but FREE… Free to confidently be all they can be.” – Ruth

Motivator why? – Ruth was alarmed as she witnessed the confronting issues and ever-increasing pressures girls in her community youth group – girls she poured her heart and soul into – faced daily.
Just like any other girl they received messages of perfection through the media, constant comparison, peer pressure and unrealistic expectations, and were not confident in who they were.
Ruth was determined to create a solution so the girls would be assured of their identity and better able to face those relentless struggles.
She didn’t just want to help the girls she knew and cared for; she wanted to affect many more. She wanted anyone to be able to empower girls. That was when the dream of Esteem Designz Program became a reality.
Ruth graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Design from College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, majoring in textile and graphic design.


She witnessed the devastating impacts the media and marketing has on teenage girls: how it strips away her identity and value to buy into a false media image with its resulting pressures.


Ruth also studied the power of design to create change, provide direction, meaning and hope in people’s lives. How design can support and empower, enhance and eliminate, uplift and inspire. She decided to use that unique creative approach to meet the needs of girls by giving choice, freedom, and skills and provide an opportunity for breakthrough and restoration.


She has a passion for teenagers and desires to see them valued and empowered.


She has been working with children and youth since 2006 through Anglican Youthworks Conference Centres, where she gained valuable experience and training in leading, educating and caring for youth.


She has also been a member and leader for Girl Guides NSW/Act, where she trained girls in life skills, helping them become confident, self-respecting and responsible members of the community, herself achieving the Queens Guide Award.


Ruth is also involved in many charity events and community outreach programs such as Frog Crew based in Cronulla, serving the needs of young people and Red Frogs Schoolies Chaplaincy.


She has also worked alongside ShireWide Youth Services implementing Esteem Designz Program in local Public Schools and through Jacaranda Cottage, a local women’s refuge.


Since Term 3 of 2012, Ruth has also been working as a School Chaplain, where she has the fantastic opportunity to support the social, emotional, physical and spiritual welfare of the students, staff and school community within her care.


Psychologists, art therapists, counsellors, social workers, educators and welfare organisations have been consulted throughout the development and design of Esteem Designz Program to ensure the resource responsibly meets and addresses the needs of teenage girls and their associations.