Amazing Value!

The Girl’s Resource kits are $60 each – and contain the Reflective Journal, Clue Cards for Life, Encouragement Cards, Instructions Booklet, and all template and materials for each Design Project – beautifully packaged to really value the girls. The kits are ready to go and easy to use – which means no work for you.
That’s over 8 meaningful and empowering resources for ONLY $7.50each (+more) – 5 valuable Design Projects / Ongoing Tools + 2 beautiful and helpful sets of cards + the gorgeous and beneficial Journal + Instructions Booklet ++.
Valued at over $200.
The Facilitator’s Resource Manual is $80 – and has all the instructions needed to run the program + additional games. It comes with additional online resources, which include step-by-step films of the design projects and images of finished projects for inspiration and direction and more.
No expensive facilitator training. Flexible, ready to go and easy to use by ANYONE. YOU can easily engage, equip and empower girls.
The Identity Bible Study is $14.95 or only $7.95 when brought within the Girl’s Empower Package – that’s Girl’s Resource Kit + Bible Study for only $67.95 – Foundational, biblical truths with creative practical tools.

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Check out these great fundraising ideas – can be a great opportunity for the girls to work together and set and achieve goals, or bring the community together.

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Amazing Race: Have so much fun on a great adventure while raising funds and hanging out with friends. Entry fee can raise funds.


Apply for Local Grants: There are many grants available to assist community groups in bringing empowerment, social welfare and personal growth.


Auction: Do something positive with those unwanted gifts or get local shops to donate products and sell / auction them.


Bake Sale: Include the girls who will be involved in the program. They can have fun baking together, setting up and managing the stall, while you indulge in some delicious sweets.
This is a great activity to get the girls involved in the whole process. Helping them set goals, plan and work as a team – this can be another great fun, friendship building activity, building resilience from any mistakes.


BBQ / Sausage Sizzle: A great Aussie Tradition. An easy way to raise funds while being around friends and yummy food.


Bingo: Get together with friends, family and members of the community and have a bingo afternoon. Could have a raffle with donated prizes too.

Business’ Support: Get local businesses to help fund Esteem Designz Program (either sponsor girls to be involved or cover all costs). This helps elevate their profile by making a real difference in the community. You could promote their business in your organisation / newsletter too.


Car Wash: Everyone needs their car washed. Have fun with suds and water while raising funds.


Colour Day or Mufti or Dress Up Day: Gold coin donation for all dressing in a particular colour or outfit.


Concert: Put on a great concert to raise funds.


Council Support: Write a letter to your local council, explaining the value of running Esteem Designz Program within your local community. Ask for support.
Disco: Dance and have fun while raising funds.
Fun Run: Raise money while getting some great exercise with a running or walking challenge.

Most Common Ways to Fund EDP:

  • school/organisation pay cost
  • parents pay cost (with a note that if they have financial issues to come and see them)
  • school/organisation split the cost with the parents
  • cost is put into the term / weekly fees
  • the local businesses or/& local church (or church members) sponsor girls – this includes others in the great work of empowering girls
  • P&C pay or split cost

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Investment in girls’ education may well be the highest-return investment available in the developing world…
The question is not whether countries can afford this investment, but whether countries can afford not to educate more girls…
Women’s empowerment helps raise economic productivity Lawrence Summers, former Chief Economist of World Bank

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Check out our FUNDING LETTER TEMPLATE to help make funding easier.

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Fashion Parade: Get the girls involved in the program to create a fashion parade and sell tickets. Could use recycled products to create outfits.


Games Day or Fun Day: Have a day full of fun with different activities, games, and competitions that all have an entry fee and raise funds.


Grants:Apply for local grants to fund Esteem Designz Program – the school or P&C could apply.


Local Shops / Community Groups Sponsor Girls: Get the community involved and sponsoring girls to participate. They then have the opportunity to empower teenage girls through their sponsorship.


Movie Night: Sell tickets to an indoor or outdoor movie night. Could be in the hall, on the oval, at the park. Could be bring your own cushion.


P&C: If you are a School, the P&C may be interested in supporting this valuable resource to empower teenage girls. The P&C could alos apply for grants.


Raffle: A traditional fundraising favourite.


Sell Fundraising Products: There are many products available to sell to raise funds, like chocolates etc.


Split Funds: School/ Organisation pay half, parent pay half


Sponsorships: Get sponsored for every day / week / month you can go without chocolate / sweets or not playing video games etc.


Talent Show / Dance / Singing Competition: Showcase your talented kids in a fun and supportive show. Entry fee.


Treasure Hunt: Write clues for a treasure hunt by car, push bike or on foot.


Trivia: Have fun with team challenges, prizes, games and questions. Entry fee and possible gold coin donation to play additional competitions. Could include raffle and auction with donated prizes.


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